When hosting workload with AWS, one of the key security principles we follow is — Least Privilege Access. The idea is to give the minimum set of permissions required for the service to perform the business. But when you work with Kubernetes to host your containerised workload, this principle at…

More or less every application you develop has sensitive data that it uses to execute some business logic. It could be username and password to connect to a Database, or an application key and secret to connect to a 3rd party service. …

Everyone is loving Serverless. It supports more or less all the use cases, be it creating Web based application, Exposing Rest APIs with Rate limit, Event based Asynchronous processing and many more. But one thing that generally force people to think about is — Executing long running tasks in Serverless?

Naresh Waswani

#AWS #CloudArchitect #CloudMigration #Microservices #Mobility #IoT

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